Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tuesdays are dull

So many simple small problems in one day they are barley worth mentioning but here we go any way.
Projector bulb needs replacing, found a replacement cost £340, to replace the projector with a new one with a free extra bulb £550, I will go for the new projector I think.
My documents link on desktop not working, changed GPO and wait for every single member of staff to ring/pop in to tell me, I say log off the log on again.
Keyboard replaced.
More Mice ordered.
Lots of coffee drank.
Move to an Exchange server approved, £6k to play with.
White board pen broken, 3 ordered to replace it.
Software that I have spent an hour trying to get working get told that it is not required.
Crocodile clips physics is now wanted on five different machines, only five licensees in the building.
Assistant out all day doing work for another department.

God Tuesdays are dull.

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