Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Exchange Day 2

Managed to getserver 2003 + exchange installed onto my laptop with no problems.
Have created a single user with a mail box.
Now trying to use our crappy test station to install windows xp with out any luck so far.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Exchange Day 1

End of day one and test machine has fell over twice, so have given up on it (bloody blue screens).

Decieded to use my laptop instead, specs as follows

40 gig HDD
756 Ram
1.4 pentium M cpu

I think it should be able to handle it and it means i should be able to work on it from home as well.

Exchange Day 1

After a very small amount of thought decided it would proberbly be better to keep the test eviroment completly seperate from our domain. This means that our crappy test machine needs to also handle active directory as well as exchange, cant wait to see it struggle.

Installing server 2003 with Active dir, and IIs, and NNPT + SMPT.

Exchange Day 1

Have arranged to give leadership team a demonstration in 3 weeks, should really get this up and running quickly then.

We have downloaded the 120 day trial of exchange 2003, and have found some hardware to test it on.

specs of test server:
AMD 2000+ XP CPU
40 gig HDD standard IDE
256 Ram (dont think this will be enouth)
SIS chipset all in one cheap and nasty motherboard
52 X CDrom
3.5 inch fdd
crappy 15 inch monitor
old ball mouse
nackered keyboard.

New Term New Task

New term has started, new task started, its good to be back.

Exchange Server
The aim is simple setup an exchange server to be in full use from september 06.

Any way that gets the job done, with me doing as little work as possible.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Week update

Haven't managed to log anything this week and thought i better just drop an update just for the sake of it.

Tuesday morning was involved in an road traffic accadent, wrote my car off and took the day of work.
Wednesday sun was shinning no one wanted to use a computer let alone log any faults. Went home early and moved a couple of tons of granite to get ready for the new building project.
Thursdays could barely move my arms all day, had dentist in am so could hardly speak all day.

Last day of term today so not much should happen, school closes at 1, then off to find the sun in spain.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Monday has come again.
Sun is shining, birds are singing.
Assistant has been given the day of by the powers from above.
Wich means i have been out of the office all day doing small jobs that are not even worth thinking about.

Ran the sims + FMS updates on friday last thing, so as per usaual sims and fms were not working this morning, wich in turns warents 30 odd phone calls to tell me so.