Thursday, May 25, 2006

Exchange 4.1

The time has been set, Tuesday 6th June at 3:30, need to sell exchange to the entire leadership team.

Great will need to iron my shirt for a change, and possibly put a tie on instead of leaving it on my desk every day.

Have decieded to cut down on the need of an extra workstation by installing a virtual workstation onto the server, encouted errors due to no network connection but a quick google search on the images told me how to create a loop back cable.

Setup four users using "random" names: Bart, Lisa, Homer, and Marge each with there own mail box.

Ran a test sending tasks to different users: successful

Looking at ways of sharing a calandar. seems to be two different ways either share a calander of a user, so for a whole school calandar create a user called whole school calandar. This would mean that someone would have to keep checking a different mail box.
The other way is to create a public folder and create a calandar in there. this seems to be the best way, will look into this more.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Exchange 3.3

The Verdict

Mandatory profiles do not work with Outlook.
Looking at the facts moving the application data to the home dir speeds up the logon procces a bit but not needing to be copied to the local drive at logon, so possibly if i switch everybody back to roaming profiles it would work, but printers will become an issue again.

attempt to rewrite my printer program to remove network printers at start up then install chosen printers.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Exchange 3.1

Had anouther look at the profile problem this morning.

Started by removing everything to do with profiles so far.
Redirected the application data folder to the home directory, now this sounds simple but just try it. To start with enter the gpo then goto User Config - Windows Settings - Application Data and bring up the properties, and change the first setting to 'Basic' then in the target folder location you have to use 'Create a folder for each user under the root path' if you do not it just changes back after you click 'OK', in the root path enter the unc path.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Exchange Week 3

Not a lot done on exchange over the last few days, still having problems using mandatory profiles, but simply alowing admin users to use it in outlook and students to use it in explorer may bypass this problem.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Exchange week 2.2

Converted my users to mandatory profiles today to discover that this just screws everything up.

Have looked at a couple of web sites that claim to have this working but it is still causeing me problems. i will let you know when i have an answer.

Teaching myself outlook: It all looks very basic, there are a few sections that just seem to be pointless and some that look very complicated, i can see that restricting students may be a problem.

Exchange week 2.1

installed with the microsoft office resource kit
used by adding template to group policy object editor
Very help full for customizeing security in outlook.

Exchange week 2

Didn't manage to get an update to this blogg done on friday so thought i would do it now.

Exchange server fully up and running, workstation built and tested.
Had an issue when starting outlook on the workstation for the first time on any profile where the user would have to set up exchange manualy on every workstation he/she wnated to use it on, but after a bit of a play with the office custom insterlation wizard i managed to get this fixed.

Now just to teach myself some of the features of outlook/exchange.