Monday, December 05, 2011

Roland PC 300 on Windows 7

Recently a friend got his hands on a Roland PC 300 midi keyboard, when trying to install it he found no support for windows vista or 7. All support forums seem to suggest it does not work, this is not true.

1) Download the windows XP drivers here.

2) Run the downloaded file, when it prompts for install directory type in c:\tmp you may receive an error saying this program did not install correctly, if so just click cancel.

3) Plug in and turn on the keyboard. Windows should fail to install the drivers please wait for this to happen.

4) Go to your start menu, and right click on Computer then select manage, then click on Device Manager. Right click on the Unknown Device and click Update Driver Software.

5) Select Browse my computer for driver software.

6) Click Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer.

7) Make sure Show All Devices is selected and click Next.

8) Click Have Disk....

9) Click Browse, then navigate to c:\tmp\PC300_WinXPDrv201 select RDIF1008.inf and click open then OK.

10) Wait! this took a couple of minutes on my friends machine, but with any luck that's it.

Now go off and right some great music because all this x factor crap in the charts sucks.