Thursday, May 25, 2006

Exchange 4.1

The time has been set, Tuesday 6th June at 3:30, need to sell exchange to the entire leadership team.

Great will need to iron my shirt for a change, and possibly put a tie on instead of leaving it on my desk every day.

Have decieded to cut down on the need of an extra workstation by installing a virtual workstation onto the server, encouted errors due to no network connection but a quick google search on the images told me how to create a loop back cable.

Setup four users using "random" names: Bart, Lisa, Homer, and Marge each with there own mail box.

Ran a test sending tasks to different users: successful

Looking at ways of sharing a calandar. seems to be two different ways either share a calander of a user, so for a whole school calandar create a user called whole school calandar. This would mean that someone would have to keep checking a different mail box.
The other way is to create a public folder and create a calandar in there. this seems to be the best way, will look into this more.

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