Thursday, March 16, 2006


New application today for library management. Sales person nicely informed us that it is very simple to install, even comes with an MSI to enable it to be installed down the network, great! Found the MSI installed it onto my workstation ran the icon to find an error displayed straight away, ‘unable to locate database’ not to unusual, the program has not asked where the database is being stored. Had a quick search for an MSI for the server side of the program, to find it doesn’t exists, ran the main setup program to be presented with an option to install the program, not what I was after but ran it any way, then there it is an option right at the bottom to install database files only SORTED.
Client installed from MSI, database now located on a server share, but still the program has not requested the location of the database so just supplies an error message. Searching through the files the MSI installed found a file called Local.ini containing a target line pointing to a database that does not exists, upon correcting this it worked.

Great now it seems I have to correct this file on every workstation that has the program installed.

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