Friday, May 06, 2011

Dell Inspiron 6000 windows 7 upgrade

Anouther staff laptop bought to me today with 'Windows Home Security' reporting viruses all over the place and asking for a credit card number to remove them.

Wipe clean and re install windows I think, currently running XP going to try an upgrade to windows 7.

Dell Inspiron 6000:
more than 4 years old i think.
40 gig ata HDD
Intet Pentium M 1.6 cpu
768mg ram.

Install from DVD with no problems, but when reaching windows found a few devices not install:

Sound Card
Simply downloaded the drivers for XP from dell and installed. Tested OK

Wireless Card:
Right clicked in device manager and told it to update drivers from the internet, took a min but worked fine. Tested OK

Video card:
Intel installed by running windows update. Tested No aero but seems ok.

Windows 7 System rating:
Processor = 3
Memory = 3.9
Graphics = 1.9
Gaming Graphics = 1
Primary Hard Drive = 4.2


It is possible to Put Windows 7 on a Dell inspiron 6000.

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